Lake Fork Guide David Vance Bass Fishing Report Jan 15th

Lake Fork BassLake Fork is a little over 4 feet low but in great condition. This is the time of year we all look forward to, so far this season Lake Fork has produced 3 Bass over 13. lbs and it is just mid January, I think we will see a lot of these Big bass in the next 3 months. Big Bass are starting to make there move to the shallows and each Angler that is looking to catch that Bass of a life time now is the time to be on the water as much as you can. The water temperatures are ranging between 46-51 degrees in most areas of the lake and the water clarity is clear to stained depending on location. From now through late February the patterns will remain relatively the same. Shallow grass beds located from main lake points, secondary points that lead into the backs of the creeks are key areas to target these big perspawn Bass. Fishing the grass with 1/2&3/4 oz. lipless Crank Baits also a Mans One Minus in red & orange, and with some chartreuse in it are great. Cover a lot of water with these baits to locate the Bass; ripping the bait off the grass will produce some Big reaction strikes from these big pre-spawn Bass feeding up in preparation for the coming spawn.

When these cold fronts move in and the water temps drops and on calm sunny days, a suspending Jerk Bait fished over the grass very slowly can be deadly for those Bass that will not move far to hit a bait, fish it slow with long pauses between jerks and hold on! My most productive color is black, gold & orange. Another great pattern this time of year is slow rolling a 3/4 or 1oz Spinner Bait with a # 5 or 6 Willow Leaf Blade, you can almost fish these big Spinner Baits like a Jig pulling the bait just enough to turn the blade, this pattern works good on these windy days. Most of the bass we have caught the last two days have been on the Spinner Bait and suspending Jerk Bait and the One Minus. All the bass we have caught have been fat and healthy. Yesterday we put 11 bass in the boat with one over seven pounds, It is definitely Big Bass time hear on Lake Fork.

Good places to try right now are the mouth of Big and Little Mustang starting at the old road bed and working the right side of each creek to the 17 bridge, other good creeks that turn on early are Penson, White Oak, Creeks with the best grass are Birch creek, Glade Creek, Running Creek, these creeks always produce big pre-spawn Bass. This weather has been a roller coaster up and down, but that is Texas weather. One day it is 65 the next it will be down in the 40s.January and early February is not a numbers time, so you shouldn’t expect to catch a bunch of fish but the quality of Bass that you do catch is great!! I have been Guiding on Lake Fork a long time and I have had some of my best Big Bass days on some of the worst weather days, so don’t let the cold weather keep you off the water this time of year. If you would like Book a guide trip and get in on some of this pre-spawn action now is the time to book, my Spring days are booking up fast. On my trips all Tackle is included. You can reach me at 903-629-7699 or Cell 903-629-5085 or check out my web site at 

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