Richland Chambers Fishing Report for Dec. 6th 2013

IMG_0430This December Fishing Report is a little lacking in stories of BIG White Bass and Hybrid Stripers being caught in the deep water off the Windsock Point, Main Lake Points and Roadbeds! The catches of BIG fish and LOTS of them has been the norm the last few Decembers! Also, the past couple of years we’ve been on the Lake several days a week in November and December enjoying mild seasonal temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. Well…..not in 2013 as the late Fall and early Winter Cold Fronts have brought with them freezing temperatures, lots of strong North Winds and the really good doses of rain, sleet and even a little snow. These conditions have limited our days on the Lake, lowered the water temperatures and have slowed the bite on most species of fish!

I did say “most species” of fish. The Whites, Hybrids and Crappie fishing has been so slow we’ve focused most of our attention on Catfish.  On some days, we’ve found good concentrations of Blue and Channel Catfish in the timbered areas up the Richland Creek in 15′-20′ water depths, and some of our BIGGER Blue Cats have come from deeper water on the Main Lake Points and Humps. Punch Bait works well in the timbered areas and all sorts of bait (Punch, Cut Bait, Shad, etc.) have produced on the Main Lake. Richland Chambers is one of only two Lakes in the State with a ‘Slot Limit’ on Blue Catfish. Any fish caught between the 30″ and 45″ size must be released. You can keep all Blues below the 30″ size and one fish above the 45″ size. Quantity limits are 25 fish per fisherman. The slot has been in place several years and appears to really be working in regard to producing more and bigger Blue Catfish!!! We’ll be fishing mostly for Catfish all the way thru the Winter or until the White Bass and Hybrid Stripers decide to make an appearance!

As we head into the latter part of the year and get ready for a new one to begin, Adam and I always have a little time to reflect on the past year and realize how blessed we are to be able to enjoy the Great Outdoors with our Great Customers! If you’re in need of our Services during this Holiday Period, maybe a Gift Certificate for a Christmas Present, or just have a question about the Lake or Fishing Conditions, give us a call @ 903-389-4117 or email.

Have a GREAT WEEK and enjoy the Holidays!

Royce & Adam Simmons
Gone Fishin’ Guide Service

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