Richland Chambers Fishing Report for November 1st, 2015

20151027_140106_resizedWe had another interesting week on RC as six trips were scheduled and after we dealt with more rain and some brisk winds, we fished only one Scouting Trip and one Customer Trip. This time of year is normally not as volatile as Spring, but we always count on cancelling a few trips due to wind and weather and it looks like we’ll be dealing with this weather pattern for the foreseeable future. The good news is that we have a FULL LAKE and ideal conditions for the fish for well into 2016!

On Tuesday a Friend and fellow Guide and I had a great day on the Lake as we “baited out” some Catfish holes and then went scouting for the White Bass. We found a huge school of fish in the Pelican Island area and caught White Bass and Hybrid Stripers for well over an hour with many doubles as we were fishing with a RSR Slab ( ) with a Crappie Jig above the Slab. (See Picture of Friend David Bristow with a Double) On Thursday, the one Customer Trip of the week we conducted resulted in a nice ice chest full of Channel Cats. We caught these fish in the timber in a cove near Fisherman’s Point Marina. Danny Kings Punch Bait was the bait of choice. We’re “baiting” locations with Range Cubes and Sour Maize and the Catfish are there in large concentrations. We did look for the White Bass for well over an hour, but they were no where to be found that day!

As mentioned, the Lake is absolutely full and Spillway Gates are open. This last round of rain really muddied the water in the Creek Channels and stained the Main Lake water. I’m guessing we’ll be fishing for Catfish (and catching LOTS of them) for quite some time as the Whites, Hybrids and Crappie are just too difficult to find and catch with water conditions like we now have. If you’d like to enjoy a Fall Day on the Lake, give us a call and We’ll Go Catchin’!

Royce & Adam Simmons
Gone Fishin’ Guide Service

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