Richland Chambers Fishing Report for Oct. 30th, 2012

121015_0001Fall finally arrived about a week ago on Lake Richland Chambers and it feels SO GOOOOOOD to be out on the Lake in the brisk early morning cool temps and the really pleasant afternoon warm sunshine. We conduct about as many afternoon trips in the November/December timeframe as we do morning trips and catch just as many or more fish! We’re seeing LOTS of Gulls, Pelicans and Ospreys arrive with the recent Cool Snaps and soon they’ll be really helping out to locate the feeding fish!

The Crappie bite was still good last week as we caught some good fish on a trip early in the morning before going and filling the box with White Bass. On several recent morning trips we had some of the better White Bass (Size and Quantity) of the early Fall as we literally loaded the box with Magnum fish and the bigger Hybrid Stripers are starting to show up each morning on the 309 Flats. In other words, just about all the fish are starting to aggressively feed and it will be this way from now till we get some serious Winter (if we do this year) temperatures. Fish will be in the 20′-30′ water depths most days and the bait of choice for us is the RSR Silver Shad Slab ( ). Check out the Windsock Point, Pelican Island and the 309 Flats and you’ll usually find fish!

We have Weekday openings over the next few weeks and just prior to Thanksgiving, but our Saturdays are booked till the Christmas Holidays when we do have a boat open on the last couple of Weekends. If you’d like to enjoy a nice Fall day of Fishing, give us a call or e-mail and we’ll go Catchin’!

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